BBA The Chase: Denzel arrives in Uganda

Denzel+arrives+Uganda+BBA8+2Clad in his usual green shorts, a striped shirt, a bow tie and black jacket, Uganda’s Big Brother Africa Season 8 representative Denzel, who was evicted from the reality show last Sunday,  emerged through the doors of Entebbe airport on Wednesday at about 7:20 pm local time.

That was all the crew that had been anxiously awaiting his return needed, and the ever-smiling Denzel rushed to them with a confidence that only he could exude.
“Oh hi ma, so good to see you,” he said to his mother who was waiting for him with a bouquet of flowers, which he gladly accepted and not once erasing the smile off his face.
To his friends from XFM who also had a bouquet of flowers for him, he smiled even more and playfully said, “Hey guys!”

The Denzel that we watched not so long ago on the Big Brother show was the very same one that walked through the doors, talking, talking and talking some more.
Next was the press conference organized by Multichoice Uganda where waitresses looked on and whispered, “Is that Denzel? Nga [how come] he doesn’t change!”
Upon entering the arranged press area, Multichoice Uganda’s Public Relations Officer Tina Wamala was all full of praise for the charming Denzel.
“We at Multi-choice Uganda believe that Denzel is a winner. We also believe that he was nominated and eventually evicted because he was a threat,” she said.
And before she sat down, she told Denzel that a lot of doors in his career had opened up for him.
When asked to speak of his time in the Big Brother house, located in South Africa, Denzel said that he was glad he had the chance to be a part of such an amazing show and would have done more if his stay wasn’t cut short.
“I know many of you expected a lot from me and are somewhat disappointed, but that is the thing about reality TV. It is like swimming, everyone will tell you what to expect but you can’t really know until you get in there.”
When asked about his cloth-less stunts in the house, he said that it was just him being himself.
Also, he said that upon reaching South Africa, everything seemed different, even the bananas tasted different, so stripping off his clothes was how he dealt with his new environment.
Meanwhile, Uganda’s other representative in the same house, Isaac Lugudde a.k.a. LK4, is up for possible eviction this week.
The contestants in the show are battling to stay longest in the house for a prized jackpot of $300,000 after a maximum 90 days.
By Caroline Ariba / New Vision


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