BBA FEATURE: The Elikem and Oneal beef!

Why are Elikem and Oneal suddenly tiptoeing around each other? Just a few days ago the two lads were joined at the hip, working on Oneal’s car during the Wedding Week and literally spending every moment together. In a sudden twist of events, the two don’t see eye to eye with Oneal insisting that he’s got Elikem figured out. Could their friendship have been a case of “keeping your friends close and your enemies closer”?

Honestly, they could have fooled us considering the way they were so close and shared all the amazing stories from back home about their careers, their friends and their future plans. Where did it all go wrong?
Let’s backtrack a little. So, Oneal is with Feza who was initially close to Elikem. Remember how she even Saved him from possible Eviction on Week one? Well, Feza did actually choose Elikem’s smile on the screen that fateful Launch night and that’s where the bond stems from.

Seeing as there’s no planning one’s Big Brother Africa journey, Elikem wasn’t ready to be cocooned and he played with the likes of Fatima before finally settling with his babe Pokello.

Well, Elikem and Feza have had each other’s back to the point of her asking him to cut her some slack when he was Ruby HoH and send her over to the Diamond House so she could get a breather from her man, Oneal. Elikem did just that and somewhere along the way, Oneal had to find out and all hell broke loose.

Clearly, this is what broke the camel’s back, or wasn’t it? Well, the Tswana lad kept his cool and hung onto Elikem to the extent of Saving Elikem from Eviction. His analysis has been crystal clear; “My plan is to get rid of Elikem in the House. As he lets his guard down, that’s when I strike. I will be HoH again, I know that,” he has confessed to Big Brother.

The gloves are off and as they tiptoe around each other, we await the day when this bomb will explode. As the saying goes; “you can’t keep two bulls in one kraal”. In this case, which bull should leave the kraal?

Source: Big Brother Africa

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