Ban In Alcoholic Advertisement: Kumawood Actor Liwin To Invoke Curses On Food And Drugs Authority

Kumawood actor, Kwadwo Nkansah popularly known as Liwin has threatened to invoke curses on the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for banning Ghanaian celebrities from starring in alcoholic advertisements.

According to the FDA, the directive to ban celebrities from advertising any alcoholic beverages in Ghana is to protect the interests of underage fans of popular personalities because advertising for alcoholic beverages have the tendency of luring the personalities’ underage fans into engaging in alcoholism which is against the law.

The above directives have been rubbished by the two Kumawood actors in an interview with Adom News.

Liwin said, “We entertain people to make them happy, but ironically we weep when we get home because the pay is too small. So we will be left with no other option than to invoke curses on Food and Drugs Authority if they dare try to prevent us from advertising alcoholic beverages which has been our source of additional income.”

On his part, Kwaku Manu said it is unfair for the FDA to issue any ban directives.

“People see us as rich but only God knows how we struggle to survive so we need additional income from such advertisements to cater for our family.”

Meanwhile, the directive has affected the popular TV and radio personality, Kwame Dzokoto of ‘Edziban’ fame.

He accused the FDA of double standards on Starr FM.

“Is this the first time that somebody who is on the screen has done such an ‘add’ since 1970? He asked continuing that, “… If you want to enforce the law you try to enforce it in a [fair manner]…now I’m in debt and I must pay that money back to my client,” he stated.

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Kumawood actor Lil Win

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