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Getting endorsement in the industry of one’s field of endeavour is a huge plus whichever way one looks at it, but Babiee, host of Guys Avenue on TV3,  says she does not need nominations to know she is the best at what she does.

The young woman got a nomination in last year’sRadio and Television Personality Awards (RTP)  but missed out on picking an award.

She has not been nominated in any category this year and she told Showbiz last Tuesday that she did not need an award as an approval of her capabilities. Once her fans and audience were happy with what she was doing, she believed her job and joy were complete.

“There are many people excelling at what they do but have not received awards in their chosen fields. So I’m not bothered that I’ve not been awarded for being the best at what I do.

“We have a handful of female presenters in Ghana but I think I stand tall among them considering those I started with. My delivery is on point, I have command over the English language and I give my audience what they expect. Though I am still learning, I think I am on top of the game,” Babiee said.

“Don’t get me wrong. The other female presenters are doing their best but from where I have come and with the impact I made when I was at Vibe Fm, as well as on TV3’s Hot Gossip andMentor, I can confidently say I’m on top of my game.”

Real name Bridget Adjoa Sasu-Dapaah, the young lady who became a radio presenter five years ago at Vibe FM, hosted Hot Gossip on TV3 for almost two years. She insisted that her style of presentation, her knack of putting stars and celebrities on the spot as well as her fairly huge following, all pointed to her being the best.

“During my days at Vibe Fm, I had a huge following and it was something else on Hot Gossipon TV3. As the host of Hot Gossip, I was able to put a lot of celebrities on check with my show. I presented it so well that celebs in Ghana became very cautious of themselves,” Babiee boasted about the programme which is currently on break for a revamp.

Babiee, currently hosts Guys Avenue on TV3 which airs every Saturday  and  Home Grown onYFM every Sunday.

“I don’t copy anyone. I am myself and I love what I do. Ever since I started my career as a presenter, I have had so many positive comments about the great work I am doing. Even with Hot Gossip which courted controversy sometimes,  I still had a lot of people commending me for doing a great job.”

About whether she would be hosting Hot Gossip again since it has been off air for more than a year now, the young presenter said she would definitely come back with a bang.

“Hot Gossip is my baby, I started the show and it made a lot of impact. The show is being revamped and it will be back on the screen soon,” she said.

Asked who she was dating, Babiee, who is the CEO of Treckkers Travel and Tour Agency, said she will be settling down soon with her sweetheart she found not too long ago.

“I know a lot of people would want to know who Babiee will be settling down with but I can say that the man I have is very sweet and I love him dearly. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Very soon I would be a proud married woman,” Babiee happily said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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