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Azonto flavor: Chris Brown & Wizkid against Ghanaians?

Chris Brown and Wizkid

One of the most disturbing things Chris Brown did was to bring Wizkid to Ghana for him to sing Azonto and equally dance with him on the land where Azonto originated from.

But before we begin, we must be cleared on the reason given by one of the producers of that night, he said, “it was a surprise to me (the producer who spoke on TV3’s Spotlight on Friday 8th March, 2013) seeing Wizzy on stage with Chris Brown. The day before, Wizkid was heard of being in Ghana to visit R2Bees and the rumour mill had it that he was going to perform with them on stage. Then since we were time conscious knowing that Breezy was to be on stage at 11:30pm, we kept to that time. This means that R2Bees weren’t around the stadium as of that time to do their act with Wizkid before Chris Brown performed.”

Why did he not pick a Ghanaian artiste to perform that with him? Thereby building relationship with such person and promoting the person as well. Why did he go ahead to perform the same thing he has done before in Lagos, Nigeria?

These were some of the concerns of my Ghanaian friends and associates in the social media network. However I have a contrary view to what transpired.

1. Azonto is global: Wizkid and Nigerians are proud of Ghana’s contribution to the global music industry with the Azonto. The same way that Ghana appreciates Nigeria movies is the same way Nigeria truly love the Azonto dance.

It has been demonstrated by Wizkid and others by singing about it. That is commendable. Even though it originated in Ghana, it should not remain only in Ghana. It is a global contribution and must and can be replicated and modified outside and within the shores of Ghana by anyone.

For two powerful musicians from two significant countries USA and Nigeria to perform the Azonto on the soil of Ghana is a welcome development and should be treated with appreciation. This is the first time such is happening and goes a long way to prove to the world that what Ghana introduced into the world is not only a Ghanaian thing anymore but generally accepted by all music lovers.

2. Did Chris Brown pay Wizkid?: Chris Brown and Wizkid have a good relationship and friendship going on among them. They have performed together before, thus maintain communication.

There was no mention of Wizkid being part of the event. Such surprise adds flavor to events, even the way the crowd roared when he was introduced further demonstrates that the Nigerian super star is genuinely loved by the people of Ghana. His fans remain loyal to him.

Chris Brown with his much speculated $1 million pay has every right to bring whoever he feels will make his performance worth it.

He must have negotiated with Wizkid to come down and do the performance with him. His presence added glory to the event to have an extra star especially from Nigeria entertain the crowd.

3. Repetition is the mother of perfection: The argument that Chris Brown and Wizkid replicated the same thing that was done in Nigeria does not hold water.

Both of them never performed before the Ghanaian audience, so the owners of Azonto are yet to see for themselves on their own soil what the two stars could make out of Azonto. It is even more significant that such was done here, to see others from different nations cherish and sustain Azonto.

Most of the performances done by musicians are kind of the same, it is the same song but slight modification where and when necessary.

4. Chris Brown collaboration with Wizkid not a bad thing and not even the worst: Read the stories about Chris Brown time in Ghana, the most controversial which has attracted the attention of all is the smoking of wee vapor on stage. Only few are trying to use the Wizkid collaboration to overshadow the major issue.

Hence there is absolutely no need to focus on lighter issues, and his Azonto performance with Wizkid is not even an issue.

5. Wizkid’s possible reaction: It will amaze Wizkid to read that some people are just offended with his passion of Azonto, especially working together with Chris Brown on stage again doing Azonto but now in Ghana. There is no need to envy someone that R2bees called their big bros. Wizkid is a super star and he has also contributed to the progress of Azonto, he loves Ghana and appreciates what Ghana has done with Azonto.

Whatever that the few offended ones write or say, it will not separate the love that he has for Ghana and Azonto.

Finally many GH stars were on the stage and each chose what and how to go about his or her performance, If all decided to do Azonto, definitely everyone must have had a fair share of Azonto from each of them, however it is worth it that we could see foreigners do our own thing because we can judge their performance with appreciation and not condemnation.

The same appreciation that Chris Brown and Wizkid have for Azonto should be reciprocated.

CLICK to see the performance of Chris Brown & Wizkid


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