Audio: Edem gives new life to ‘Sika Ye Mogya’

edemHiplife  strongly expresses  its close  affiliation to highlife when the former overtly borrows from the latter and rapper Edem’s  vibrant re-working of Pat Thomas’  Sika Ye Mogya classic shows  how the two home-grown styles can effectively feed off each other.

Edem’s version features Pat Thomas himself.  The original piece was done in Fanti but Edem brings a fresh tang to the song with his usual energetic raps. He has also injected a fast club tempo into his version.

Sika Ye Mogya was originally recorded by Pat Thomas in 1991 in Ontario, Canada. The recording session included crack Ghanaian instrumentalists like Paa Joe on guitar and Carl Ricky Telfer on keyboards, bass and flute.

Edem caught attention largely with his  Volta Regime album that included hit tracks such as  Bra Freme, You Dey Craze and  Nyornuviade. His  subsequent  Mass  Production album offered the public  other catchy  songs like  Ghetto Arise and Over Again.

He is an entrenched act on the music scene  and trekking back in time to pick on Pat Thomas’ all-time great piece re-enforces the idea that there is a big well of highlife classics that the younger generation  can always fall on to keep Ghanaian popular music forever alive.

Pat Thomas’ singer daughter, Nana Yaa is also said to have  her own rendition of Sika Ye Mogya  on her upcoming debut album.

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