Asem & Kwabena Kwabena at loggerheads?

Kwabena Kwabena and Asem

Kwabena Kwabena and Asem

Popular Hiplife artiste, Asem has commented on rumours that he intentionally sidelined Kwabena Kwabena when it came to the making of the video for their hit collaboration, Bye Bye.

The two artistes recorded the song together and it is on Asem’s 16-track Solid Ground album. Apart from Kwabena Kwabena, other artistes on the album were Irene Logan, Dampoo, DJ Black and JR from South Africa.

A few weeks ago, Kwabena Kwabena said on Etv’s Late Night Celebrity Show that he did not take any money from Asem for his contribution to Bye Bye but couldn’t explain why he wasn’t in the video.

That gave rise to speculation that a rift had cropped up between the artistes. Asem, however, explains that he was in Paris by the time fans were expecting the Bye Bye video and he had no option than to go ahead with it without Kwabena Kwabena.

“I had no intention of sidelining Kwabena Kwabena. We could not be in the video together due to miscommunication. Anytime I was ready for Kwabena Kwabena, he was busy with other things. I also could not be available when he was free and since the song was all over the place, I needed to shoot the video.”

Asem said he received a lot of comments from his fans asking why Kwabena Kwabena wasn’t in the Bye Bye video. He apologized to fans who felt hurt by Kwabena Kwabena’s absence in the video.

“Kwabena Kwabena and I have sat over the issue since I got back from Paris and we have resolved it. There is more collaboration coming up between us.”

Asem described Kwabena Kwabena as a talented musician and added that his unique touch on Bye Byecontributed to him (Asem) getting seven nominations at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Kwabena Kwabena would not say much on the perceived rift when contacted. He however agreed that there was miscommunication over the issue and that was why he did not appear in the video.

Noted for other songs like No More Kpanyo and Pigaro, the handsome young artiste said the success ofBye Bye has proved that the Asem brand is not dead.

He revealed that his next album would be ready by his next birthday on July 3.

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