Artiste – Label Break Up: The fall of signed musicians in Ghana

Joey B

Joey B

Hungry musicians are said to be humble when underground but conventionally most of them do change when the spotlight beams their star.

Most Executive Producers and managers do say artistes are the same based on their experience working with budding musicians.

But can we blame the musicians for acting super human when they arrive with their chosen call and get all the attention from the media and public?

Spinning back into time,most artiste in Ghana end up ruining their career after they part ways with their managers or labels.

The likes of Lord Kenya, Okrasini Samuel, OD4 all of Slip Music unfortunately slipped after they leave with label boss, Mark Okraku Mantey.

Lynx Entertainment also had a crunch shock when Asem,the cash cow music product of the label left. Then followed Irene Logan and Chale Wote singer O.J. Black. But the question is; are those artistes relevant in recent times?

This behaviour in the long term affects unsigned artiste because labels are scared after their recruitment and signing they will act same like some of the old label mates.

What aroused this write-up was the news that Joey B of Tonga fame has left D-Black’s Black Avenue Muziq label and I believe it is not surprising to music enthusiasts, analyst and pundits.

Hip Hop artiste Dee Money and music producer Gafacci left the same label years ago and I’m afraid Joey B will end up on their chapter. Nevertheless; I wish him the best with his hardwork lately.

Monetary difference is a key factor to artiste – label break up. One will argue that if musicians do not want labels to make money off them then why do they sign contracts with this music business labels.

Records has proven most of these “runaway” musicians end up not being relevant and getting the maximum air play.

So what works the magic for these artistes? Is it the label or their music? If it’s the music why can’t most of them blow up when they part ways?

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