Are You A One-Hit Musician? Then Captain Planet Of 4×4 Is Talking To You | “We Have Seen All The Girls You Are Hanging Out With Now”

Rapper and a member of award winning Hiplife trio, 4×4, Captain Planet has expressed his disappointment at how some one-hit musicians in the music industry are filled with ego and rather pay too much to promote their songs.

“I always tell my team the music we are doing is more like a spirit so if we split the spirit will break down. Because everyone will want to prove they are doing well after the break up. And the spirits will start conflicting and things will crumble more,” he told an Accra based radio station, Pluzz FM.

He continued that, “I try to tell the young ones about this but most of them are filled with ego. When they have the hottest single in town and getting bookings here and there and you try to explain things to them, they feel they have seen it all.  The truth is we have been to almost all the places they are rolling in now and have seen all the girls they are hanging out with now even before they saw them. We have seen everything and yet try to stay humble and work; but these new artists have too much ego. They need to listen and learn from their predecessors.”

 By GhanaGist.Com



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