Are they entertainment critics or promoters?

Have you sat to ask yourself why you keep seeing or hearing same entertainment critics on most entertainment shows in Accra? Do they mount those shows for the love of the entertainment industry or to promote their creative brands?

It dawned on me one afternoon when I was listening to an entertainment show on radio. After the panels’ submission and criticism on the matter, the presenter asked them to give shout-outs. Then to my hearing, one of the panels requested for a particular song to be played. Apparently, he is on the management team of that music artiste.

Then another screamed ‘’don’t forget to grab a copy of ‘’xxx’’ movie’’ of which he is the Executive Producer. Then another said watch out for ‘’xxx’’ artiste, he is the next big thing in the music industry. And to no surprise, that panel member is also the manager of the mentioned recording artiste.

It is becoming a norm for most entertainment stakeholders to be part of the panel on these entertainment shows so they can promote their creative works. Some are even being tagged ‘’entertainment critics’’ without the host citing their real profession. But amusingly, they rather end up promoting their creative brands.

Some panels on television also ride on the same wheel. They get on television to promote their creative brands in the name of discussing weekly entertainment issues. Even in citing examples to their submissions, they mention their creatively produced and still promoting brands.

Now GhanaGist.Com understand the root to Stonebwoy’s ‘No Sir’ musical piece which reveals the act of entertainment stakeholders in Ghana.

But wait a minute; did I just mention a creative brand as well? Or have I been infested with the ‘’fever’’ by writing on this piece. Hmmm! am just a writer with a third eye in the name of helping build a better creative art industry in Ghana.

Now if names of some entertainment panelist are mentioned, GhanaGist.Com can easily tell which music or movie brands they represent.

If these entertainment panelists can promote the creative art industry with one voice and stop battling over opinions like they do with their brands, then we will have a fruitful entertainment industry.

By: S.O.M/GhanaGist.Com

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