Are Ghanaian music video directors lazy? MAYBE …

Ghanaian music video directors have been called out and labeled as lazy by music duo, Gallaxy. According to them in an interview with Showbiz, videos directed by Ghanaian directors are below international standards.

“Comparatively, Ghanaian video directors are no match for their Nigerian counterparts. We wanted our video to be as professional as possible and as good as those we watch on international channels. This is the reason we decided to look outside the country.”

“Working with Nigerian directors has exposed us to a lot of things. For instance, compared to what we see in our industry, the Nigerians have very good visuals and even while shooting on location they show much more experience and professionalism.”

“We are not needlessly criticising our video directors but as artistes we want the best for our industry. We simply want our videos to be competitive and to do that, our directors need to learn and upgrade their skills,” they added.

The duo said they prefer to work with Nigerian directors because of their professionalism and expertise.

They also told the paper that, “We have about four unreleased music videos that we can’t put out there because the directors failed us.”

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