Are celebrity robbery reports turning into promotional stunts?

Reports of celebrity robberies are becoming too many these days, not long ago, Confidence Haugen, CEO of Aphrodisiac night club was robbed of some valuables.

After the robbery of her Aphrodisiac Night club and her Konfidence Shop, the stories that came out were too dramatic to believe.

First, the report stated that during the robbery, there were gunshot exchanges between the robbers and the security, who fiercely resisted the robbers.

Surprisingly, nobody was injured, and the robbers were still able to break into the “Konfidence shop” which was supposedly the target of the robbery, and made away with some valuables.

Just last week, popular singer, Chemphe, was reported to have been robbed of some valuables; the narrative of which left me thinking deep into the night as to whether we are witnessing another cruel form of artiste promotion or just ignorance of the fact that our readers and fans are too smart for the unnecessary drama or exaggerations that we journalist (with the approval of the artiste) feed them with.

On Chemphe’s robbery incident, the reported “Chemphe’s twelve (12) bedroom mansion in Tema was raided by armed robbers on Friday night. The robbers made away with more than ten android phones, a lot of tablet PCs, monies and other accessories”.

Not to say Chemphe cannot afford the reported stolen items, but apart from the headline and one other paragraph in the story that talked about the robbery, the rest of the story seems more like a promotional piece. With the first talking about his AU project and the rest talking about his upcoming projects.

Both Chemphe and Confidence’s stories got me thinking because both seems to have the same format; that is as Confidence story seems to be promoting her clothes, Chemphe seems to be promoting his music and coming projects.

This is not to say that the robbery did not happen, because cannot independently verify these claims…. but the narrative is really frightening.

Issues of robbery are not for promotions, it is not the time to make yourself look good neither is it time to tell us what you sell or how good you can perform.

Robbery incidents, especially when it happens to high profile personalities are a signal of the levels of insecurity that exists in the country.

Confiden and Chemphe


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