Araba Sey Writes About Knowing Who You Are In Career Building

The next step after bringing in the God factor to help you in building up your career is knowing who you are.

Knowing who you are is what defines your personality. Your personality is what actually aids you or leads you to your career choice. Knowing who you are mostly makes it effortless in career decisions.

Beginning with this step is an assurance of treading on the right path to making the right career choice and to success. Knowing who you are is literally supposed to be a prolonged stage that needs patience, in depth analysis and assessment of yourself and being prudent coupled with the God Factor.

One essential thing worth mentioning is that the God factor is necessary in every stage of building up yourself in your career. The God factor makes every step or stage plain sailing.

Your personality makeup includes what your strengths are or where your strength and creativity lies, your weaknesses, what your interests are or what you find interest in doing, what you are deeply passionate about, what makes you happy or sad, what inspires you or what drives you. When you are able to get answers to these important factors it makes it easy to decide on a career choice or job.

Most people do not take time to go through this stage or they do not go through this stage at all before delving into a particular work field or career. Some choose a particular job or start a career because everyone is doing it.

Others also get into a certain career because it looks attractive and they feel they can make a lot of money from it as others are doing but they are ignorant that where someone’s strengths, talent or skills lie is where their weakness, lack of creativity and passion may be. That’s why people tend to easily succumb to frustration and develop thoughts of quitting when they begin to face deep challenges along the line in their career.

Knowing who you are prevents your long term plan or goal from being cut short where you will realize at a point your career choice doesn’t match or fuse with your personality.

Taking who you are out of the process of building your career can delay your success since there is a high possibility of giving up when you realize you are in the wrong field of work and have to start all over again by assessing yourself to suit your personality makeup (strengths, weaknesses, skills, passion, talent etc).

Your career defines your personality and not someone else’s. Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. Therefore identify or assess your personality to help you in choosing the right career to secure your long term goals and a successful future.

Written By Ghanaian Model , Araba Sey 

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