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Movie Trailer: Anniversary starring Gideon Okeke, Ebube Nwagbo, Zynnel Zuh, Juliet Ibrahim, Harold Amenyah, Gloria Safo

From the producers of “When Love Comes Around” comes “Anniversary” which is involved on the life of three very unique personalities in a story of love, marriage and infidelity.

The movie features actors drawn from Nigeria and Ghana including Nollywood actors Gideon Okeke [played Dr Harry Banks], Ebube Nwagbo [played Sarah Banks] and Ghana’s Zynnell Zuh [who played Samira Boateng] Juliet Ibrahim, Harold Amenya and Gloria Safo.

Anniversary was written/directed by Afe Olumowe and produced by Zynnell Zuh and Gregory Onudo for OGPLUS Films and will premiere on December 25.

Anniversary Poster - Copy


Anniversary centres on the life of three very unique personalities. Harry Banks have been married to his wife for 5 years and are happy until he starts to get bored.

His wife Sarah Banks is a wannabe writer who for the most part can be described as conventional and conservative. She turns down every sexual innovation by her husband towards improving their sexual relationship.

Samira Boateng is the CEO of an advertisement company who can be well described as hard-working, bored and sexually adventurous. So event takes a turn when Dr. Harry Banks treats Samira Boateng in his hospital.

This meeting turns out to be the driving plot of the story, as it develops into a sexually compatible affair between the duo. The relationship is great and true to Samira except for the fact that she is oblivious of Harry’s marital status.

Everything is fine between the trio of Harry, Sarah and Samira until Samira enters the plane and sits with Sarah who happens to be her sit partner for the Accra bound flight. Sarah discovers for the first time in her life that she is not the only woman in her husband’s life.

Who is this other woman? Why does her husband love her? How long has this been going on? What does the future hold for her marriage after this shocking revelation? This is the story of love, marriage and infidelity.

Watch the trailer below;


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