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Think big and work hard: Anita Erskine wants to be a richest woman in 5 years

Partner in crime to Bola Ray and co-host of Starr FM’s Starr Drive, Anita Erskine has said that, she wants to become one of the richest women in Ghana in the next five years.

“Hard work pays and I know why I say in the next give yeas, I will have a lot of cash in my bank account and become one of the richest women in Ghana. It is everyone’s goal to aim high and I am seriously working towards that,” she told Showbiz in an interview.

Anita ErskineAccording to her, “At the moment I will not say I am rich but very comfortable where I am now but in five years’ time I can call myself a very rich woman.”

Anita Erskine is a multi-talented woman and one of the much sought after hostess in Ghana.  She recently won the TV Hostess of the year at this year’s City People Magazine Awards.

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