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Anita Erskine says acting is a serious business and not a hobby

With only a single movie to her credit, Anita Erskine is claiming confidently that she would be fabulous should she make up her mind to go into movies.

Anita told Showbiz last week that she is not ready now despite the huge applause she received for her appearance in Single and Married, a movie produced by Yvonne Nelson.

“Acting is a career and not a hobby; it is serious business that one needs to think it through before taking it up. For me as a business woman, a mother and a wife, combining these alongside acting will be too much of a burden“, Anita said.

According to her, she did not want to disappoint producers by accepting scripts from them and later turning her back on them that she could not find the time.

Anita who made her television debut in 2006 when she hosted TV3’s Mentor said there have been producers knocking at her door with scripts but she turns them down politely.

“I love movies very much but I need to really ask myself some serious questions before I enter it fully. What will I do if I take payment and do not have the time for the producers or what if my husband needs me at the same time as my producers? It is because of this and other reasons that I say I’m not ready now for movies.

“If I were single or married without children, I would have considered acting but as it stands now, my hands are tied and there is nothing I can do” Anita said.

Away from acting, Anita described her husband as a wonderful person who is down-to-earth. She said that with the kind of work she does,  not too many men would allow their wives to go outside for more than two weeks in the name of work but hers is so understanding.

“Sometimes, I am out for more than two weeks and my husband takes care of the two children and never complains. He motivates me and always tells me to go in for the best. He is indeed heaven-sent and I love him so much” Anita said happily.

Asked what she is currently into, Anita,  who is the host and co – producer  of three shows on DSTv –  Making of  a  Mogul, Pamper  Your  Mum  and Cooking With said she is concentrating on her two businesses she set up a few years ago, Reverb Gh and Brand  Woman Africa.

Reverb Gh focuses on developing and producing entertainment content for Africa through TV, live event hosting, portfolio development for artistes, marketing proposals & motivational speaking.

Brand Woman Africa is a network for African women around the world, whose work in television and film inspires and helps to provide opportunities for young African women who dream to work in or on television.

Born in Jerusalem in 1978, Anita grew up in Ghana and eventually moved to Canada in 1999 to pursue her post secondary education in Broadcast Journalism and languages.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She speaks, English, French and a working knowledge of Spanish.

CREDIT: Graphic Showbiz


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