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AMVCAs To Be Broadcast Live on All AfricaMagic Channels This Saturday


AfricaMagic – Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Catch the 4th edition of the AMVCAs this Saturday the 5th of March 2016 broadcast on all Africa Magic channels on DStv from 3pm.

AfricaMagic Showcase Channel 151 – Premium

Poison Ivy 12th March at 7:00pm

A powerful lawyer is fed up with her husband’s infidelity and decides not to have anything to do with him even while they are still together. She becomes a threat to his political ambition and device a means to get rid of her..

C&I Network Channel 170 – Premium

On The Case With Paula Zahn S5: every Thursday from 3 March at 7:50pm

American journalist Paula Zahn (pictured) steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case. This includes law enforcement officials, the families of the victims, lawyers from both sides and first-time TV interviews with convicted murderers. From every Thursday 3 March at 7:50pm

E! Entertainment Television DStv Channel 124 – Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

I Am Cait: Every Sunday from 13 March at 6:00pm


The second season of the intimate documentary series continues to follow reality star Caitlyn Jenner on her ongoing journey to self-discovery. She becomes open to new, unexplored aspects of her life as a transgender woman, including dating and romance and is pushed to her limits on a road trip with her close-knit group of friends, as they challenge the star on her political views, and her understanding of being transgender and of being a woman. From Sunday 13 March at 6:00pm.

Food Network DStv Channel 175 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Mystery Diners: every Monday at 7:00pm 

The restaurant miscreants are at it again, and there’s only one man to stop them: Charles Stiles. Deploying his crack team of Mystery Diners, Charles uncovers yet another glut of restaurant mysteries begging to be solved. In their eighth series of operation, the Mystery Diners are faced with some daunting prospects. Watch on in anticipation as Charles and his squad musters up the gumption to catch their restaurant villains! New season every Monday at: 700 pm

Cutthroat Kitchen: Wednesday 9 March at 7:00pm

Step into the ruthless gladiatorial arena of the Cutthroat Kitchen as another group of chefs battle against each other for a huge cash prize. But just how far will the contestants go to sabotage each other’s menu? Provocateur Alton Brown hosts, as he encourages the chefs to be as devilish as possible, in order to land the top honours. Using their $25,000 allowance, the competitors can save their money, or use it to disrupt their peers and boost their own hopes of success. New season premieres Wednesday 9 March at 7:00pm

ITV Choice DStv Channel 123 – Premium


Tracey Ullman’s Show: every Monday at 5.30pm


The show follows characters, sometimes through their day, sometimes for a single moment. The series showcases Tracey’s unique talents and extraordinary versatility while entertaining characters that are observational and recognizable. In short, Tracey Ullman’s Show is a multiple character broken comedy show that shows off Tracey’s talents to the full, as a one woman comedy dynamo.


Studio Universal DStv Channel 112- Compact/Compact Plus/Premium


The Preacher’s Wife: Airs on Wednesday 9 March at 6:00pm


Romantic fantasy comedy from director Penny Marshall, starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. Courtney B Vance plays Reverend Henry Biggs, who is struggling with doubt and in danger of losing his faith. In desperation, Henry prays for help and, to his surprise, is visited by a debonair angel named Dudley (Washington). Henry receives the visitor reluctantly, but his wife Julia (Houston) is more welcoming – is Dudley above temptation? Gregory Hines also stars .Airs on Wednesday 9 March at 6:00pm


Maisha Magic Bongo DStv Channel 160 – Premium


Mzooka- Mondays- Fridays at 1:00pm

Mzooka showcases the popular Tanzanian music videos which have just been released. The music profile on the show is termed as “Bongo”, comprising of urban hits from Tanzania


M-Net Edge DStv Channel 113 – Premium

House Of Cards Tuesday 08 March 6:00pm 


U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina starts out as a ruthless politician seeking revenge in this Netflix original production. Promised the post of Secretary of State in exchange for his support, his efforts help to ensure the election of Garrett Walker to the presidency. But Walker changes his mind before the inauguration, telling Underwood he’s too valuable in Congress. Outwardly, Underwood accepts his marching orders, but secretly he and his wife, an environmental activist, make a pact to destroy Walker and his allies

 M-Net DStv Channel 101 – Premium

Tracers Sunday 13 March 6:05pm 

A beautiful woman (Marie Avgeropoulos) helps a New York bicycle messenger (Taylor Lautner) who’s in hot water with a group of gangsters.

Sony Max DStv Channel 128 – Access/Family/Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Busted and Disgusted: Friday 11 March at 7:00pm

This is a reality series that features hidden camera footage of the disgusting things people do while they think nobody is watching. This shocking hour-long show will have you convulsing in disgust as you experience the vile nature of some of the grossest behaviour ever caught on tape!  Each episode features a collection of video clips that loosely follow a theme. Premieres on Friday 11 March at 7:00pm

Hot Gigs Season 1: Premieres on Friday 11 March at 8:00pm

Hot Gigs is packed with the sexiest, funniest commercials from around the world!  Every episode is hot, hilarious and extraordinary – these commercials must be seen to be believed! Premieres on Friday 11 March at 8:00pm



  • TLC Entertainment DStv Channel 172 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium

Our Little Family S2:  09 March at 6:55pm


‘Our Little Family’ is back with an all-new season of adorable Hamill family adventures. In this series, Cece and Cate enrol in dance classes, but their individuality shines when they realize Cece is much more of a girlie-girl than Cate. DThe action-packed summer is all about friends, family and celebrating each other in the Hamill household.


Iyanla Fix My Life – Fix My R&B Family: Sunday 13 March at 6:00pm


Iyanla travels to Alpharetta, Georgia, to help Grammy-nominated R&B recording artist and reality TV star Syleena Johnson toheal the strained relationship with both of her parents, particularly her mother, Brenda. Through emotional heart-to-heart conversations, Iyanla works to get to the root of each woman’s pain and to diffuse a situation that threatens to tear mother and daughter apart. Airs on Sunday 13 March at 6:00pm.



  • TraceSport Stars Dstv Channel 188 – Compact/Compact Plus/Premium


Spirit of Sport (New Season): Saturday 12 March at 6:55pm


Had a rough week? Well, a Saturday night embracing the Spirit of Sport will cure your blues! Find out how preparations are going for the 2016 Rio Olympics, journey to Portsmouth in the UK to catch up with sailing legend Ben Ainslie, and travel to Sri Lanka with Olympic gold-winning medallists Missy Franklin and Michael Johnson as they join in the great work being done by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.



  • Vuzu Amp, Channel 114 – Premium

Quantico Mondays at 6:30pm


A diverse group of the best and the brightest recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. It seems impossible that one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City.


Married to Medicine (New season):  Tuesdays at 4:30pm 


in Season three of Married to Medicine, Simone and Toya’s friendship is on the fence, but when Toya decides to throw a Halloween party to show off her new house, her husband Eugene insists she invites Simone to bury the hatchet.

Basket Ball Wives of LA (New season): Tuesdays at 5:30pm

The long awaited season four of Basket Ball Wives of LA sees Jackie desperately tries to work her way back into the group’s good graces after causing so much trouble in Paris and at the reunion. New girl Mehgan introduces herself.

The Game: Wednesdays at 3:00pm

As a favor to Derwin, Melanie attends the first Saber Sunbeam meeting of the season, only to learn that unlike the wives, football players “girlfriends” are not considered legitimate and are treated as such by the other wives.2016 AMVCAs

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