Amanda Jissih speaks about the ‘GREATEST FALL’ at the Ghana Meets Naija

Actress and Broadcaster Amanda Jissih has spoken for the first time about her recent fall at this year’s Ghana meets Naija Concert. She fell heavily on her backside while attempting to lift up Rap Dacta” Okyeame Kwame after the two performed his Single hit song “Faithful”.

As part of the City People Entertainment Awards awareness, the organizers of this annual event, City People Media Group, organized a Nominees’ party at the Exel Lounge on Friday July 6, in Accra.

The program which was strictly by invitation was honored quite well with the most patronized being upcoming actors and actresses.

In a Joy News interview with Amanda on the red carpet of the Nominees Party, she narrates what happened and says every bit of their performance was planned and rehearsed, except the fall.

“we rehearsed almost everything, just the ending that didn’t go well but Okyeame Kwame and I are good”, she said.

“I didn’t get hurt, I am a very strong woman…I will be very honest with you, I think it’s good it happened because we had a lot of artistes on stage…and no one seems to be talking about any of these artistes except myself and Okyeame Kwame…”

This fall has been described by many as “the greatest fall ever’’ in Ghanaian Showbiz, compared to the likes of Beyoncé who’s fall on stage was described as “the classic fall’’.

Many entertainment critics have poked fun at the two, but according to Amanda, it’s all entertainment and people just want to have a laugh

“…it’s good news, everyone seems to be talking about me and I have personally seen some funny pictures with writings on them but it’s entertainment, you cannot take it personal…we are all having a laugh…I broke Humpty Dumpty’s Record”, she chuckles.

According to Amanda, she’s okay and Okyeame Kwame as well and she’s very happy they were able to entertain the crowd.

“For me, the most important thing is that she didn’t get hurt because Amanda falling in heels carrying Okyeame Kwame? NOT NOT NOT”, she said jokingly.

Culled from Myjoyonline

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