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ALL THE PHOTOS: Miss Ghana 2015 Food Competition: Western Region emerge winners

The two beautiful representatives of Western Region in this year’s Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Charlotte Derban and Ekua Asankomah emerged winners for this year’s Miss Ghana Food Competition.

The event held at the Rawlings’ Park in Accra had all the 22 contestants grouped to represent their various regions.

The October 3 event saw each group preparing delicious food from their regions to project the rich culture of each of the ten regions in Ghana.

After a heated competition between the groups, the judges had a tough time in selecting the winner since all the groups produced sumptuous and nutritious food.

After extensive deliberations and consultations, the affable judges announced the first three winners respectively ; Western Region represented by Charlotte Derban and Ekua Asankomah, Upper West represented by Louisa Mwinkome Tanti ad Mavis Nana Ama Ghanasah.

There was a tie in positions between the Easter Region represented by Patricia Morkeh and Adwpah Konadu Somuah-Boateng  and  Upper East represented by Wanita Kabutey and Rachel Madiwe.

The fourth and fifth places were also taken by Central and Ashanti Region.

Patrons who attended the event had the opportunity to also taste the food the ladies prepared on the day of the event.

Miss Ghana 2015 food competition organized by Exclusive Event Ghana was sponsored by Frytol and Maggi.

The grand finale for 2015 Miss Ghana is scheduled to come off 7th November 2015. The 2015 Miss Ghana is powered by Exclusive Events Ghana, with support from Manet Properties, Citroën by CFAO, LAWASH manufactured by Lifeon and marketed by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals and IPMC.

The rest include Holiday Inn Hotel Accra Airport, Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel Takoradi, Unique Floral, Akosombo Textile Limited,  Oak Plaza, Royal Nick Hotel in Tema, Imperial General Assurance, FC Skin & Beauty Klinic, Pippas Health Center Capture, Digital Innovation, DDP, Forever Easy, Frytol by Wilmar Africa and Special Ice mineral water,  Hottees, Alive TV Magnum Security and Graphic Showbiz.CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40468 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40487 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40429 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40629 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40637 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40645 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40613 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40475 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40711 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40160 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40325 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40108 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40486 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40336 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40564 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40464 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40443 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40098 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40054 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40699 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40360 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40702 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40604 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40306 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40380 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40632 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40111 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40343 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40340 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40465 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40180 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40423 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40332 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40706 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40103 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40467 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40286 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40716 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40666 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40717 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40719 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40661 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40446 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40466 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40644 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40411 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40282 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40655 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40529 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40040 CookingCompetition-03.10.15-40488

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