Aim Higher Africa educates street children in Kaneshie Market

The IGNITE team led by its founder Peace Hyde, on Saturday hit the streets of the Kaneshie market to encourage street children to learn basic numeracy, literacy and science in addition to life skills.

The market initiative which has been running for the past year in conjunction with the Aim Higher Africa Ignite entrepreneurial classes so far has managed to put 100 street children into primary schools in Ghana with the help of its partner, Nasco Electronics.

The initiative brings together qualified social workers and volunteer teachers to help rehabilitate the street children, some of whom have experienced severe abuse on the streets. Speaking at the event, Peace Hyde stated, “Aim Higher Africa is happy to reach these vulnerable children who have never seen the inside of a classroom before and help them begin the journey to a better future.

The only difference between a street child and a home child is the opportunity the later has; Ignite aims to give the street child the same opportunity to education as the home child.”

The market education program will hit markets and bus terminals in high traffic areas such as Madina, Nima, Adum and market Circle just to mention a few.  The next stop for the team is Kantamanto.

Aim Higher Africa at Kaneshie Market (1) Aim Higher Africa at Kaneshie Market (2)

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