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Aftermath of PINK SHEET: Is Samini desperate for attention?

Just some few days of its release, Samini’s ‘Pink Sheet’ single has sparked a lot of controversies and complaints from lovers of dancehall music in and out of the country.

Some believe the Dancehall Artiste of the Year, Best Dancehall Artiste and Best Performer Award winner at the just ended Bass Award 2013 ceremony shouldn’t have recorded such a song at all after almost a year or more of being silent on all sort of negative singles and series of music attacks from the current recognized dancehall king in Ghana Bandana, who is well known in the country as Shata Wale.

A section of the public believe even though Samini did not mention Shata Wale’s name in the ‘Pink Sheet’ song, one can easily read meanings and perhaps say for a fact who he is pointing fingers at, which to them looks infantile.

The question most asked after listening to the track is if Samini saw Shata Wale of ‘yesterday’ as ‘nobody’ when it comes to dancehall music in the country and for that matter didn’t respond to the attacks that came from him through his songs, why respond now? Is he feeling the competition now that Shatta is also climbing the ladders of dancehall music in the country? Or is he just admitting that Shatta Wale’s series of dissing songs have worked for him, hence the need for him to follow the dissing trend?

LISTEN TO PINK SHEET: Samini hits hard at Sarkodie and Shatta Wale on ‘Pink Sheet’

Some youths believe the ‘Pink Sheet’ single has really exposed how desperate Samini is to ride on the fame of some African act that is making it big internationally. It was also pointed out by these youths that since the artiste attempt to ride on the popularity of Nigerian duo P-Square did not work out for him when he did a reply to the duo’s ‘Alingo’ song, he is only coming back to attack Shatta and Sarkodie whose fan-base of music lovers in the country is becoming bigger each day especially with dancehall king Shatta Wale.

According to these dancehall enthusiasts, whoever advised Samini to record the ‘Pink Sheet’ song after Shataa’s public apology to him has made a very huge mistake since they believe Shatta and Sarkodie’s silence to ‘Pink Sheet’ will not only give especially Shataa Wale some advantage in the country but also expose how ‘weak’ Samini is when it comes to lyrical dancehall music because these youths believe the song lacks lyric strength especially with the phony  Patois lyrics which easily makes people  identify which or  what is a dancehall music. They explained they don’t mean dancehall can’t be made in any language apart from the Patois but it is more or less the ‘mother tongue’ to typical dancehall music.

The dancehall patrons who have critically examined ‘Pink Sheet’ are of the opinion that Samini could have released such a song when Shatta Wale, some time ago called him a traitor in one of his songs or when he disclosed in one of his interviews on Happy FM with DJ Advicer that he (Samini) had been speaking bad about him to various promoters who needed his services and not this very hour when the artiste works are being recognized and accepted by the masses.

A section of these dancehall fans also think this could perhaps be a planned thing between the two dancehall artistes just to keep the debates going and also keep them in the news especially when it is on record that Bandana during the Bass Awards Nominees Jam apologized to Samini and all he might have offended through his songs and actions and even promised his fans a collaborative piece with Samini.

Shata Wale’s respond to the ‘Pink Sheet’ song will really tell the gimmick about the whole drama. Since they can do this to enjoy the hype for some time but will later collaborate to do a song together.

Well, we are all yet to see if Shatta Wale or Sarkodie will respond to the song but as to whether it a planned thing or a gimmick between Shatta and Samini, I believe nobody can say or tell for now.

Let pose this question to you, my dear reader to muse over: “Who among these two dancehall artistes is enjoying the ‘hype’ or who is riding on whose current fame?

By Reagan Odei Ofosu Osarfo

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