After #VGMA wahala, Shatta Wale (Bandana) pulls out of Bass Awards

Signals we are picking from Flex newspaper office tells us that the chief executive officer of Shatta Wale Movement Bandana has pulled out of the maiden edition of Bass Awards; an event put together by Bullhaus Entertainment and Rackus Entertainment.

Bandana aka Shatta Wale has been tongue lashed by many pundits on almost all entertainment platforms after his not so clean outburst on Kaakie and may be Charter House for what he considers as theft and robbery when he lost in the reggae dance hall category in the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

His arguments among others is the fact that he feels Kaakie did not deserve to win in that category but due to the hatred the people at Charter House have for him, they calculated their movement and lo and behold, the award evaded him. He poured his sentiments in a song he christened a “letter to charter house” where he informed them through his music that he does not want any award in this country again.

Whiles many thought he was just singing out of pain and that he is likely to be nominated again just like in the case of R2Bees, the “dance hall king in Ghana” hit maker took to facebook last Monday and wrote a statement that did not go down well with most of his fans. Read this: “I pulled out from the bass awards personally because of certain reasons, I don’t need it because i feel more rewarded by the support and the loyalty of my fans who really recognize and appreciate my career.SM4LYF”


What Bandana simply means is that he is no more going to be part of the BASS Awards because he feels all award winners have the same blood running through them and because he does not want to suffer another human torture, he has decided to pull out himself.

It was just shocking that despite the fact that most of Bandana fans were fighting for him on the VGMA`s, on the BASS awards, they were not happy with their artiste`s decision to quit. Within five hours after the post, the statement had attracted 1,378 likes, 70 comments and 51 shares. Bandana on facebook alone has 23,575 followers who are very active following all his activities online. So does it mean that whiles Shatta Wale is moving out, his 23,000 fans will also be following him out of the BASS awards?

Flex newspaper put a phone call through to his manager Rudeboy Logic of X-fm fame for confirmation and he had this to say. “Fact is that I see myself to be part of the BASS awards but if my artiste feels he can`t be part of it, I can`t say more because that is his decision” he told David Offei Lartey of Flex newspaper.

Chief executive officer of Bullhaus Entertainment aka Bull Dog thinks it is okay with them and that they have nothing to say about the issue for the time being when Flex newspaper called him for their reaction. Meanwhile preparations are far advanced as the organizers are sorting out songs which will be qualified for nominations. All things being equal on the night of the awards, dance hall giant Elephant Man will be rocking Ghana for the first time in his music life.

By Samuel A. Baah

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