After Obinim’s Church Incident, Nii Soul Angrily Attacks The Church In New Single “Wua Guan Fi Di Church”

Amidst widespread condemnation of a sad incident that occurred at the International God’s Way Church where a renowned prophet popularly known as Bishop Obinim publicly scourged two of his members for allegedly fornicating, former TV3 Mentor and Project Fame West Africa star Nii Soul has released a very polemic song rumored to indirectly disapprove of the prophet’s actions and worse of all accuse churches for cynical exploitation.

VIDEO: Bishop Obinim beats two members for having sex

Nii Soul’s gospel music career is not characterized by fortune and fame but merely to reach out to the troubled youth and most importantly share his experiences about his new found love for Jesus Christ.

VIDEO: Bishop Obinim arrested over ritual fraud and for beating two members

A former secular artist, Nii Soul reveals the song was inspired by similar maltreatment he experienced while a member of his former church (name withheld).NIISOUL

According to him, he was verbally abused and humiliated publicly (at one Sunday service) when he started a relationship with his (now) Wife. Another “prophet” he claimed, also publicly announced (in church) that it was revealed to him Nii Soul was an occultist and had initiated his wife.

His new song, titled “Wua Guan Fi Di Church” is a Reggae tune with an Urban and Positive vibe and we only hope this song will not only touch lives but will also be “heard” by all exploitative “men of God”.


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