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Advertorial: Top 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have In Her Shoe Rack

Shoes are an utmost priority for every woman, her complete outlook is rested on her appearance and the shoes are a major determinant factor if the look will be slaying or head south.

A lot of women tap into that familiar space of affection for shoes that they become addicts and shoe collectors eventually buying the shoes just because it will look perfect in the wardrobe, the truth is a fashionable woman can never have enough shoes that will be satisfactory, the constant need to acquire more will always be nagging voice telling them to keep buying!

It is perfectly fine if you do not belong to this bracket of women, of course everyone can’t be an addict at once but the issue would be if you do not have the list of trendy shoes listed below, then it is beyond apparent that you have been lagging behind and need to get a shoe collector friend or just act based the list you are given in this post.

Classic Court shoes :

Classic Court shoes_opt

Shoes: Asos

There is something utterly sophisticated about these shoes! They are very classy and fit perfectly with any look you are going for. They are ultra-stylish and should be every Woman’s best friend. They come in plain bold colours or patterns as the example above. If you are not familiar with these shoes or t=don’t own a pair, you are forgiven, but it is imperative you go to the nearest boutique and buy or easily log onto any of the stores listed in this post.

Untitled_optSlip On Mules:

These shoes have made a huge come back and are really catchy for all shoe lovers. They are very comfortable, very fashion forward and not so pricey. They come in different designs that will attract your attention and the fact that they are super easy to slip into is a huge plus.


Fringe Sandals:

Fringe Sandals_opt

These are staple fashion accessories; they are absolutely perfect as show off shoes for outing with friends, events and anything red carpet. Be sure to capture the attention of people when you step out in these.

Shoes –


UntitledWhat would your shoe rack be without stilettoes in them? They are the absolute best! They make every woman’s feet just look long and divine is that not just perfect? They come in different designs and if you are not a fan of high shoes, kitten heels are a nice pair for exchange.

Shoes- Kaymu

Ankle Strap Sandal Heels:

Ankle Strap Sandal HeelsIrrespective of what you think if you do not own a nice pair of ankle strap or any type of sandal heel at all for that matter, your shoe rack is incomplete. As official as court shoes are, this is the opposite of those. They are perfect for hang out with the girls, dinner with the Man, Event at work or a red carpet show. What more can you ask for?

Shoes- Kaymu

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