Adult Music takes over Ga Communities

On my way to Nungua last night, I drove through some suburb of Osu, La and Teshie. Along the way I was hearing ADULT MUSIC but with a different voice and lyric not Kwabena Kwabena. To my surprise people around those spots, pubs and speakers were singing along ‘’K3 shi…K3 shi, K3 gbu…k3 gbu, k3 ny) m…k3 ny)m, k3 lug) mi…k3 lug) mi…’’.

At some point I had to stop and listen and honestly I was enjoying the sound because it had some Ga in there I could relate to. So I dished out my tablet and searched ‘’Adult Music Cover’’ on Youtube.Com. Then I realize one of Ghana’s new artiste, Predy-X Omane has done his cover to the song. I plugged it to my car tape and enjoyed it all through my drive back home.

Now my lips keep singing the hook ‘’K3 shi…K3 shi,K3 gbu…k3 gbu,k3 ny)m…k3 ny)m,k3 lug) mi…k3 lug) mi…’’.

Big ups Predy-X Omane! I can boldly say this new artiste is the future of Ghanaian hi-life/Afrobeat.

Listen here

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