Actors and musicians go Christo crazy

APPMC 020Several actors, presenters and musicians professed their love for Christ as they indulged in unfamiliar acts of public display.

At the recently held Neighbourhood Evangelism spearheaded by the Actors, Presenters, Professionals and Musicians for Christ (APPMC), several popular faces on the Ghanaian entertainment scenes professed their love for Christ amidst life changing testimonies and singing.

In attendance were presenters Stacy, Jeremy and Maa Afia, actors, Prince David Osei, Majid Michel, Ken Fiati, comedian Funny Face, musicians Joe Mettle, Opiesie Esther, Kwesi Oteng, Min. Kofy, Nii Soul, professionals, Fred Nuamah, Pastor Bernard Taylor, Pastor Godwin Boah and ace actor Timothy Bentum Mc and cofounder of the APPMC.

The theme for the event was “You can Love Jesus Too”, a phrase which run through the speeches of Timothy, Nii, Majid, Funny Face and Prince David Osei when they mounted the podium to preach. They referred to the hostility and greed in the entertainment industry, admonishing their audience that the truest friend they could have in life is Jesus Christ.

At her turn Stacy narrated her ordeal throughout last year and how she almost gave up the ghost after a long battle of an ailment she knows none of. She said that but for the grace of God, the support of family and friends and her papa Pastor Bernard Taylor, she would have been toast by now. The time for praises came and the famous faces in Ghana’s entertainment industry did not hesitate to scream, walk barefooted and lay prostrate for their King and friend Jesus.

An alter call at the event also saw over 30 people accepting and rededicating their lives to Christ. The Actors, Presenters, Professionals and Musicians for Christ (APPMC) is a Non- denominational Christian body that seeks to win souls for Christ via Popular Faces and voices.

Story by Martha Teiko Daitey

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