Actor Adjetey Anang speak about Ghanaian female film makers

Actor Adjetey Anang has told ‘News-One’ that he finds it convenient and exciting working with female filmmakers.

Adjetey, who was known as ‘Pusher’ in the TV series, ‘Things We Do For Love’, said female filmmakers are flexible to work with.

He said the Female filmmakers are understanding and treat their cast and crew with some decorum.

Pusher is married to Elorm, a beautiful lady he met on the set of ‘Things We Do For Love’.

“It’s sweet. It is sweet, that’s the word. It’s sweet working with female filmmakers because despite the fact that they are very strong and they want to be strong because they know that people can easily take advantage of them, they have soft-spots.

They are more understanding.

“They are like mothers.

Even when they have challenges, they will ask of your opinion, than the guys who will be like, hey this is my way, just do it.

There is always a slight difference when it comes to that human rapport. So yeah it is sweet working with female filmmakers,” he told NEWS-ONE at the media preview of his latest movie, ‘Announcement’.

Adjetey has worked with a number of Ghanaian female producers and directors including award-winning Shirley Frimpong- Manso on projects like ‘A Sting In A Tale’, ‘Adams Apples’ and the recently, ‘Potomanto’, among others.

He also worked with Habiba Nelson on her ‘Masquerades’ film and subsequently with actress Kafui Danku on ‘Letters To My Mother’.

His latest movie, ‘Announcement’, which premieres at the National Theatre in Accra on January 31, was also produced and directed by filmmaker Evelyn Robinson, who is making her debut in Ghana’s movie industry after studying filmmaking in the UK.

He described working with Evelyn as “refreshing.”

The new movie tells the story of Harriet, the 11-year-old daughter of Rev. Martin Sam, who was kidnapped by Samuel Mama, a young man who managed to break out of prison seven years into his life sentence.

Samuel Mama asked Rev. Sam to make a public announcement that he committed the crime for which (Samuel Mama) was imprisoned if he wants his daughter alive.

Also in this movie are David Dontoh, Anthony Woode, Doris Sackitey, Kafui Danku, Amanda Jissih, Fred Amugi, Albert Jackson-Davis and Peter Ritchie, among others.

Watch the trailer below:


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