TV Show Just For Weddings “Top Weddings Africa” Premieres With Louis Osei, Jennifer Koranteng, Lexis Bill and Chris Ukata  On Viasat1

With local television channels bombarding us with telenovas from every corner of the globe, it is refreshing to hear some Ghanaian directors are still pushing to make quality content on our local production scene and for TV.

In comes a new reality show for weddings called Top Weddings Africa. It’s amazing how the wedding industry has suddenly boom into a humongous industry in the last 10years.

A new wedding show “Top Weddings Africa” premieres on Viasat1 on Sunday, August 7, 2016.

It’s grown so much to include make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, photographers, decorators and engineers, With 5 million weddings happening on the continent every year and consumer expenditures in Nigeria alone totalling $160.9 billion, a figure expected to surpass $300 billion in the next five years, (reports Euro monitor). A large portion of this is spent on weddings and other festivities. Top Weddings Africa

Top Weddings is a Pan-African luxury lifestyle program, which will cover weddings within the African diaspora.

The program will provide an avenue for people to experience African weddings at their best as well as the intricate preparations that go into ensuring success. A variety of wedding themes such as Lifestyle themes, Venues, Food, Couture, People will be explored during each segment. Top Weddings promises to be a very fun filled and Educative TV show among the targeted audience.

The show to be hosted by Louis Osei, Jennifer Korangteng, Lexis Bill and Chris Ukata gives viewers a front row seat to the 1st of its kind Pan African Luxury Wedding TV show. The presenters bring to light the behind the scenes drama and preps for society’s top weddings week after week.

The Production is handled by Yao Ladzekpo, Stanley Adjetey, Paa T and directed by Creative Head, Guud Kelly.
Top Weddings Africa

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