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BlogIN 2011 I made my maiden trip to the Africa Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria. In the hotel where the Ghanaians contingent lodged were also other nationals from other African countries.

A day to the awards as reporters were busy wrapping up stories before the main night, a wedding ceremony which was taking place at the hotel went disarray and nearly came to a halt, when the wedding guests who sighted actor Majid Michel in the hotel lobby abandoned the ceremony and for close to one hour were taking photographs with him.

It was a sight to behold as almost everyone left the groom and his bride to be to take photographs with the Ghanaian actor. This made the pastor and few others feel rather dejected but they had no option than to wait and continue when the fans had finished with their photo-taking spree with the Ghanaian actor.

I quickly put some few words together which I captioned Nigerians ‘kidnap’ Ghanaian actor Majid Michel ahead of Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)’ and posted the story on my blog.

In less than an hour, with the help of my colleagues in Ghana who copied and shared on their various blogs, the ‘kidnapping’ story went viral.

Some journalists from Nigeria who were considered as a force to reckon with wondered why something happened in their country, they didn’t get to hear about it yet it’s already buzzing on the internet. In fact they were ‘envious’. Movie stars from other part of Africa who were also lodging at the hotel and were present during the ‘kidnapping’ were impressed and commented that, if that, if that had happened in their own countries, it would have taken weeks before the story will appear online.

A week before the news came online? Not in Ghana. Showbiz reports and related issues have seen a major growth in Ghana since the emergence of what has come to be called the “new media”. The new media, according to Wikipedia, is the creation of content, publishing, distribution and consumption via internet-enabled digital.

It is also believed that the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector, which is based on a free market approach, has promoted new media use. Most popular aspects of new media to Ghanaians include Internet with nearly 2.5 million users and its associated mobile and desktop applications. Also popular are multimedia content accessible via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and computers.

The emergence of social media is having a positive effect on the new media in Ghana currently. It has encouraged many journalists to take advantage and to go into blogging. A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web.

In Ghana, like in many other countries, reporters in the showbiz field have embraced the new media and taken full advantage of it and exploring it to meander the way into the hearts of many readers. The new media has given jobs to many in a form of blogging.

When City People Media Group, organizers of the City People Entertainment Awards announced the full list of all Ghanaian nominations for 2013 edition of the awards, a new category ‘Showbiz Blogger/Writer of the Year’ was created.

The category is for writers and bloggers who have affected the entertainment industry in grand fashion mostly online.

In the category are Ameyaw Debrah (ameyawdebrah.com), Adeyemi Adebayo (ghanaweb.com), Obed Boafo (enewsgh.com), Eugene Osafo-Nkansah (peacefmonline.com) and yours truly Ebenezer Anangfio. It doesn’t matter who wins, the important thing is that, the organizers have seen the importance of the showbiz writer and blogger.

These are personalities who are constantly promoting and making ordinary talents; established fashion designers, models, singers, rappers, and movie stars among others. These are guys whose works of promoting Ghanaian talents have gained recognition in the Diaspora.

It would have been extremely difficult for all the foreign awards scheme to notice and nominate talents from Ghana in their awards if it has not been for the emergence of the new media. These guys behind always churning out all kinds of articles to put them in the limelight or open their activities to the rest of the world.

Perhaps it would have taken the organizers of the BET Awards many years than it took them to notice the exploits of Sarkodie and finally award him. Same would have happened to Ghana’s previous nominees – Kojo Antwi, D-Black and recently R2Bees.

It would have even taken a long time for the BBC to get hold and screen to its global viewers Castro and Asamoah Gyan’s African Girls song which was a major hit during the World Cup in South Africa. I wonder how CNN would have gotten a copy of Uncle Obama a track released during the run-up to the America Elections in 2012 recorded by Ghanaian model, Deborah Vanessa.

I can cite several instances how showbiz writers/bloggers made their search and job easy and when someone does a good job, it’s imperative that the person is acknowledged. It’s shameful that, it has to take a foreigner to do this.

It’s not too late for event organizers to start recognizing Showbiz writers/bloggers, after they make the people you award every year the stars that they are today. Some read about them on television, others discuss them on radio whiles the rest write about them in newspaper and online.

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By Ebenezer Anangfio

eanangfio@hotmail.com or tweet @anangfio

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