A-Plus, DKB takes on Pastor Mensa Otabil over “Ghana is a nation of jokers” comment

A-Plus, Mensa Otabil and DKB

A-Plus, Mensa Otabil and DKB

Comedian and musician A-Plus, says he disagrees with motivational speaker Pastor Mensa Otabil when he says Ghana is a nation of jokers. According to A-Plus, there are things we should laugh about to release tension and not take everything seriously as if we were fighting in the nation. 

Pastor Mensa Otabil said at a seminar last week: “One District Chief Executive makes a comment which we should be angry about, but it has become a national joke and we just carry on and on and on and I’m wondering, what is wrong with us? Can’t we for once be serious and face life and stop joking.

“We’re polluting ourselves. We have issues we can’t solve. We have problems we can’t solve. We are overwhelmed all around us, yet we have a lot of time to joke and to laugh and to act as if this is the most normal environment to live in.”

A-Plus told Showbiz that President Mahama’s jokes during the State of the Nation Address shows that the president can be humorous even at the point when he is making serious statement.

“I don’t have a problem with the President using “tweaaa” or whatever jokes he cracked when he delivered the State of the Nation Address, even though he was addressing the nation on serious issues.  At the end of the day, he stated his case and made people laugh. It is an indication that Ghanaians are one people,” A-Plus said.

He observed that Ghanaians share jokes when they have to and are serious when it comes to issues including ones that involved matters such as having schools under trees or problems that had to do with our unreliable electricity situation.

In a related development, comedian DKB also says, the people of Ghana have the right to laugh and make jokes over things that excite them.

“There are a lot of things wrong with the country and if the politicians we voted for are not able to tackle them but rather make jokes of serious issues, why shouldn’t the people of Ghana laugh about them?

“The media have spoken a lot about issues incessantly in the country for a very long time and if our leaders are not able to solve them, the best solution to me is to make jokes out of the issues and laugh over them,” DKB said.

According to DKB, he respects Pastor Mensa Otabil a lot but he disagrees with his comments this time. DKB told Showbiz that in spite of the fact that Ghanaians make jokes out of serious issues, that in itself will not stop the politician from doing his or her duties.

“If joking about issues will not make those in power do their work, then I would say Ghanaians should stop joking but if it wouldn’t do anything to the development of the country then we should make jokes out of issues that excites us ” he said.

DKB said politicians who should think deep about Pastor Mensa Otabil’s comments but insists the citizens have every right to laugh at themselves as they wait on the politicians or those in authority to do the right things.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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