A crumbling Vision in Progress (VIP)?

Hip Life heavy weights VIP released their much anticipated “Follow Me” video hoping to silence their critics but failed to achieve that, as both song (which sounds more of a material you are likely to hear from Nigerian act M.I) and video barely got the attention they were seeking.

The trio, who have won many awards home and abroad as many have come to realize, have somewhat lost their sparkle, which undoubtedly has manifested in the low reviews and response their current releases have received.

In what seems like a design to shake up and make up VIP to win over average music fans, Promzy released a mixtape which failed to fly; then came Prodigal’s thank-you-song to all DJs.  That also didn’t live up to expectation.

Then the onus lied on group head Zeal formerly Lazzy to restore their gradually fading glory, so he released “Human Gyata” which weeks after hitting mainstream mediums, is yet get the required buzz.

The 7/11 album which they started recording four years ago is still in the making and after dropping singles including “She Be My Taste”, “Pampana”  and “Follow Me”, material is yet to see the light of day.

Is VIP a great group in terms creating great music? Yes. Did VIP revolutionize the industry in the late 90’s? Yes. Do we as fans still have some patience to wait for the 7/11 album? We don’t really know!

Source: enewsgh.com

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