A Broke Man Is Not My Kind Of Man – Ghanaian Actress And Producer Zynnell Zuh

If you are a broke man and have taste for good women, then the last person to approach is budding Ghanaian actress cum producer, Zynnell Lydia Zuh because she doesn’t have the time and room for broke gentlemen.

She told Showbiz that, a man can have her attention if he has a deep pocket.

“The first thing I look out for when a guy approaches me is his look and then (I consider) his outfit. I later enquire a few things about him through our conversation which gives me an insight into how smart and engaging he is.”

One thing worth noting is that, Zynnell cannot date a poor man.

“Every lady loves to feel and look good all the time. A broke man will not be my kind of man because I want to enjoy the best that life has qualifications to poor for now, I might consider him.”

Zynnell Zuh Covers March 2015 Issue Of House Of Maliq Magazine - GhanaGist.ComBut no matter how deep your pocket is, you cannot come in between her and her career.

For now, I will choose my job because that is what made me who I am. If my partner is not willing to accept the kind of work I do then he is not the right man for me. I believe couples should be able to sit and resolve issues and if my man is not willing to do the very thing that makes me happy, then I am afraid he is not the man for me.No man can tell me to quit acting.”

By GhanaGist.Com

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