A balance sheet for your relationship

A financial statement summarises a company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equities.

It takes into account the physical inspection of the quantities and conditions of items held in an inventory or warehouse at a specific period.

It, therefore, provides an accurate idea of the financial standing of the company so that interested persons can make informed decisions about their investment.

As the year comes to an end, it is important you draw a ‘balance sheet’ for your relationship or marriage because it’s the greatest gift of our maker and, therefore, the most important human investment.

This helps you to celebrate the past, honour the present and focus on what will build your relationship or marriage in the future.

Your liabilities

Your liabilities are what threaten the health of your relationship. You may be selfish and, therefore, tend to focus only your needs. You show affection only when you need something from your lover. Everything about the relationship starts and stops with you.

You may be controlling and show this with acts of inequality, intolerance and abuse.You are stubborn and never apologise even when you are clearly wrong. You always play the blame game by seeing your lover as your problem and solution.

You refuse to tell anything about things he or she must know like prison record, known sterility, a child by another lover, previous marriage hereditary defects, communicable disease, mental challenge and financial obligation.

You are impatient with your lover and pick up fights over trivial issues. You withdraw often and show constant acts of revenge.

You never show appreciation for anything your lover does for you. You are dishonest and continue to lie to cover up more lies. You hardly talk of your future plans with your lover. You never take your lover out or introduce him or her to your friends or relatives.

Your assets

The man plays his role well as the leader of the relationship. He is a good role model and protects his woman physically and emotionally.

You make mutual decisions with your woman and have a mission and vision for your relationship and put into place how to reach your goals. You are patient with your woman and honour her by talking well of her to your friends and relatives. You make time for your woman.

A woman must be submissive. Respect your man and do not pride in your independence, achievement and self-sufficiency.

A wife must look attractive, take good care of the home, cook well and contribute to the upkeep of the home.

Take interest in sex; in fact initiate sex often because it makes your husband feel loved and wanted. You boost your man’s self-esteem and he is motivated to do more for you

A lover must always show appreciation for whatever a partner does. Give a shoulder for your lover to lean on. Be totally committed to your relationship and cope with the challenges you face.

Never make divorce or separation an option. Keep loving unconditionally.

A balance sheet for your relationship

Today, many businesses in Ghana fail because many owners do not make efforts to draw a balance sheet which shows progress or otherwise in their business. They see their fall too late. Never let this happen to your relationship

Take a close look at your relationship. Examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Find out what is working and not working and resolve to do more of what brings progress in your relationship.

Keep working on your relationship. With commitment, hard work, effective communication, mutual respect forgiving spirit and prayer you will have a healthy balance sheet in your relationship

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