7 Signs he will make a good dad

My brother and his wife meet up everyday after work and go home together. When they get home their little girl is always waiting by the door and when the door opens, she looks at her mommy and smiles and then tries to find her daddy (who is always hiding behind mommy) and when she spots him she starts jumping up and down, dives into her daddy’s arms… and that is when her day will have begun.

My brothers are assigned diaper duty every now and they do it without complaining. Who knew those knuckle heads (I love them so much BTW) would turn out to be such great dads? I mean, when I was a baby one of my brothers would drop me every now and then (sometimes intentionally). I have witnessed their kids throw tantrums like crazy because they want to be dressed by daddy or call on daddy after they’ve done potty. In my head I’m always like “Awww…are you sure you are the same people who would feed me ice cream when it was zero degrees outside?”

Anyway, I tried to find out from the women in my life (who are all mothers) to help me come up with a list of potential good dads and they all agreed on the following.


So, a guy will make a good dad if:

#He treats his mother, his wife, his younger siblings (yes, in that particular order) well.

Treating somebody well means that you respect them. A man who cares for his mother such that he doesn’t mind running errands for her, visits her every now and then and calls her at least once in two days shows that he has respect for the woman who brought him into the world and this shows that he will be a caring responsible father in the future as he will have helped bring another human being into the world.

Also how he treats his wife and younger siblings will go to show how he values family.

#A million slime balls is what it will take to gross him out

Dealing with babies is like a full time job and that babies are ever messy doesn’t help the situation. There are soiled diapers to be changed every so often, vomit to clean and which sometimes will get on your favorite shirt…it can be a testing time. But because you are not easily grossed out will help a lot. That kind of job is not for the faint at heart.

#He is selfless

Once children come you know the focus of attention will change. No more ‘you’ coming first anymore, but the little ones take the first priority slot. If your man does things for others out of his own good will then that’s a potential good father right there. If he is always caring about other people’s children by making small things right  like making sure they are not playing in the middle of a busy street or are playing a dangerous game or with dangerous toys… He could just look away and walk on you know, but making sure the kids are safe makes him happy.

Also if he is a good planner and thinks about you as his significant other and his family in everything he does then he is on the right track to being a great dad.

#He is a great uncle

A man who loves his nephews and nieces is on the right track to becoming a good dad some day in the future. Nephews and nieces are part of the family hence they give you a sneak peek into having your own little ones.

If he is a hands on uncle and he loves the little nephews and nieces and is proud to be their uncle such that their photos are all over his social media pages and the little ones think he’s just the coolest uncle on earth (In fact they think he’s so cool that they call him “uncle dad”)…that one right there will make an awesome dad.

#He gets on well with kids

I know of women who can’t even handle the very tiny newborns as they are afraid they’ll drop them as newborns are so tiny and fragile-looking…so for a man who will visit friends or family who have just had a new baby at the hospital and hold the baby in their arms is a sign that he’s good with children. Also if he gets along well with children and the kids love him right back…great dad alert!

#On a good day he can let the kids from upstairs be kids!

Kids have extra energy hence they can play for days when allowed to. You need patience and tolerance on another level to live with them. So if once in a while he can let the neighbors’ kids just be kids and play around tapping the floor without him going to complain to their mother about the noise and disturbance, then he can totally handle children .

#Once in a while he’s a goof ball :

Kids have so much energy and yet they get bored easily, so when handling them you need to pack on some tricks up your sleeves and be ready to be a little silly. If he is always ready to goof around and be the cookie monster or the tickle monster or batman, or super man or humpty dumpty and have a good laugh doing it…then for sure he’ll make a great dad.

If there are three words you wouldn’t want to hear your child say, it would be…“My dad sucks!” So if you are that guy who dreads visiting his sister because her kids “are just too much” then be very worried for yourself.

So now that you know some of what it takes to be a good dad, does your man qualify or are you now worried?

PS: It’s Father’s Day this Sunday…do appreciate your dad a little ;-)


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