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3 things to consider before getting married

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Marriage is not a game. Its grown folk business and it can’t survive, especially if you choose it on a whim. Couples should be crystal clear on why they decide to marry. For love is the most common response, but there are a few other reasons.

A True Friendship Exists: I can’t imagine living in a relationship with someone I didn’t value as a friend. A solid and honest friendship is the best foundation for any relationship. Friends talk about any and everything. They tell the truth and receive it as well. A true friendship doesn’t feel fake or phony, it’s authentic.

The Future Looks Promising: Couples have to think long term when planning to take the relationship to the next level. Yeah, I know it feels amazing right now and this feeling should last forever. It will with effort, it won’t magically happen because we think it should. Think future and plan accordingly. Couples should see well beyond the now when they plan to marry.

Self-Love is Alive and Well: Sometimes insecurity breeds poor decision making. When we don’t love ourselves enough we connect with those who will not benefit our lives. Self love brings a sense of confidence and an energy that is good for any relationship. It also attracts the same. We don’t set as many unrealistic expectations, or smother our partners when we love all of who we are.

Marriage is a responsibility you have to take on with a complete knowledge and understanding of what’s required. There’s so much more than the honeymoon phase. We have to consider the rainy days, the future and all that comes with marriage. The attraction might fade, the finances might dry out, but the marriage still needs to survive. Again, the decision to marry has to be one that has been well thought out, especially if we plan to remain married for years and years to come.


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