2014 DStv Christmas Promo Running till February 2015 + DStv Highlights for the week

2014 DStv Christmas Promo Running till February 2015

Christmas is here! And DStv is bringing you so much more. This festive season buy and activate a brand new decoder form DStv for the following periods and win a branded wall clock and power surge adaptor

Premium- 1 month

Compact + 1 month

Compact – 2 months

Family – 3 months

Activate your subscription for the months stated and enjoy the season with a clock from DStv. Merry Christmas!




Airtel Trace Superstar Competition

Great news to all singers and rappers who are looking to break into the industry, make lots of money and become famous. TRACE and Airtel present Africa’s first mobile song competition together. It’s the first song contest of its kind where contestants can win simply by recording their song on the phone call. There is even an option to rehearse on a phone karaoke that scores the performance.


Dial 533 from your Airtel number to enter the competition, follow the voice prompts to record your song and stand the chance to win $50,000, a recording deal with Universal Studios and the chance to be mentored by Akon.


13 African countries but only one Airtel TRACE Music Star! The competition will roll out in 2 stages:

  • In each country a winner will be chosen and receive a big cash prize and access to the Grand Finale
  • Each country’s winner will then attend a televised Pan-African Grand Final where they will stand a chance to win a trip to the USA to be mentored by megastar Akon, a professional music video and a record deal with Universal music


Voting will be open to the public who will choose the winner together with the TRACE judges.  The competition is on!

America’s Next Top Model Tuesday 23 December 2014 6:30PM GMT | Vuzu Amp (114)

The 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model kicked off in Los Angeles where host Tyra Banks introduced the semifinalists of the competition and a new twist for the show – guys!

For the first time ever, in the “Guys and Girls” edition, male models would be able to compete alongside their female counterparts for the title of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Robbie Williams: Live in Tallinn Wednesday 24 December 2014 7:45PM GMT | BBC Entertainment (120)

Over a million people witnessed Robbie’s extraordinary showmanship in this hit-packed show.

Filmed in front of an electric 70,000 strong crowd in Tallinn, Estonia, this live recording offers a chance to see Robbie, one of the best pop stars of his generation, perform tracks includingCandyLet Me Entertain You and Angels.

The show also includes a guest performance featuring 2013 BRIT Award nominee Olly Murs.

Special Event: A Walker Christmas Thursday 25 December 2014 4:00AM GMT | CBS Action (133)

Cordell Walker, one of the last old-fashioned heroes in the West, is a protective friend but a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to bring a criminal to justice.

Starring the legendary Chuck Norris, this high-kicking adventure series features Walker, a man of few words but swift moves.

Walker’s crime fighting techniques are routed in the rugged traditions of the Old West.

Comic View Thursday 25 December 2014 5:00PM GMT | BET (135)


Hosted by the veteran, undisputed “Queen of Comedy,” Sommore, the series showcases new up-and-coming comedians from all over the US hoping to prove their skills.

Top name talents such as Kevin Hart and Cedric the Entertainer have also hosted the show before achieving their mainstream success.

The Jesus Mysteries Thursday 25 December 2014 5:10PM GMT | National Geographic (181)



Jesus Christ is one of the most famous names in the history of mankind.

He is the core of belief for millions of Christians worldwide and his story has provided rich material for thousands of books and films.

But the Gospel writers don’t tell us much about his life, and even crucial events like the Nativity, the Miracles and even the Crucifixion have been adapted, embellished and rewritten over the course of hundreds of years.

The Jesus Mysteries will re-examine the crucial elements of his story and question basic modern assumptions to reveal some surprising and often shocking details about his life and ministry.

Watch The Jesus Mysteries on Thursday 25 December at 5:10 CAT on National Geographic Channel

Adventure Time Thursday 25 December 2014 7:00PM GMT | Cartoon Network (301)

Cartoon Network has a whole host of spectacular seasonal shows lined up for kids on Thursday 25 December starting withThe Regular Show Christmas Special then you can catch Gumball Christmas, and Adventure Time Holly Jolly Secrets .


What would a seasonal celebration be without Powerpuff Girls: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, Ben 10 Merry Christmas, and Johnny Test: Johnny X And The Attack Of The Snowmen.


Cartoon Network has sensational seasonal specials all day on Thursday 25 December.

Best of the Kardashians Friday 26 December 2014 8:30AM GMT | E! Entertainment Television (124)

E! puts a dash of the Karadshian spirit into the holidays with an exclusive marathon featuring a collection of viewers’ favourite episodes this Christmas.
Curl up on the couch and experience all the glamour and drama possible, as America’s most famous celebrity family continues to amuse, entertain and fascinate.

From disastrous housewarming parties and Fourth of July relationship dramas to a seasonal special with extravagant shopping sprees, presents and the famous annual family photo, this marathon promises to be everything you want – and more.

Best vs Worst Champions in 2014 Friday 26 December 2014 7:00PM GMT | TRACE Sport Stars (188)

Every year the world’s best athletes compete against one another for the biggest titles in the greatest sports, and 2014 has been no different! But when there are winners there are losers too, and this show looks at the best (or worst) of both.

At Rolland Garros, Rafael Nadal once again reigned supreme on clay while Serena Williams ended up stuck in the mud. In Brazil, James Rodriguez and Manuel Neuer stole the headlines while the likes of Neymar and Mario Balotelli failed to set the world alight on the grandest stage – and this show has plenty more in store!

Tune in for Best vs Worst Champions in 2014 Friday 26 December at 7:00PM GMT on TRACE Sport Stars.

My Bionic Pet Sunday 28 December 2014 4:00PM GMT | Nat Geo Wild (182)


Today, pets suffering from serious disfigurements or disabilities are being fitted with prosthetic devices.

Bionic limbs, tails, and even beaks are being created for our animal friends to improve their mobility, their overall quality of life, and their emotional well-being.

It’s a state of being they embrace whole-heartedly.

Follow the stories of a horse, a pig, a swan, an alligator and several dogs, all of whom have been provided with prosthetics that have changed their lives.

And meet the dedicated experts and caregivers who have made it all possible.

My Bionic Pet on Sunday 28 December at 4:00PM GMT on Nat Geo Wild.

Superstar Me Sunday 28 December 2014 6:30PM GMT | Ebony Life TV (165)

To the world, she is Daisy the superstar model. To Ben who is back in town from the UK and oblivious of her star status, she is simply Adaeze.

Enjoying a relationship with a man who sees her as a person and not a supermodel, Adaeze decides to keep that side of her a secret from Ben.
When he eventually finds out, it causes a lot of problems for the relationship as Ben is now more focused on impressing her.

They go their separate ways but true love never keeps people apart for too long.

SpongeBob SquarePants Monday 29 December 2014 8:10AM GMT | Nickelodeon (305)

Dive into the magical world of Bikini Bottom on Monday 29 December at 10:10 on Nickelodeon to join SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward and Mr Krabz as they go about their lives on the seabed. These cool characters will have you in stitches so make sure you don’t miss out.                                                                      

My Brother the Terrorist Tuesday 30 December 2014 7:00PM GMT | BBC Knowledge (184)

Award winning filmmaker Robb Leech attempts to discover what changed his stepbrother Rich from a radical convert to a dangerous convicted terrorist.

British man Richard Dart, now known as Salahuddin, received a six year jail sentence in April 2013 for preparing acts of terrorism.

Having previously sought to understand what made Rich reject everything his family and country stood for, Robb now wants to know what, if anything, could have kept him from this fate.

Robb’s journey takes him from London to known hotbeds of Islamic radicalism internationally – but his personal investigation starts with Anjem Choudary, the controversial cleric who led Rich’s conversion to radical Islam.

Watch My Brother the Terrorist on Tuesday 30 December at 7:00PM GMT on BBC Knowledge.

How Do I Look? Thursday 01 January 2015 6:00AM GMT | Style (173)

Start the New Year with flair on Style, as we kick off January with a makeover marathon. Celebrity stylist Jeannie May comes to the aid of a group of fashion victims who are truly lost.

When she meets Laura – a woman whose look is trapped in an 80s timewarp – Jeannie seeks the help of idol Rick Springfield. A 26-year-old social worker, Bird, has a personal style that is a little too risqué for her job. We meet Adrienne, who has dreams of settling down and becoming a schoolteacher but feels a change is needed first.

Sports fan Tonita is unwilling to change: can her marriage and friendships survive? And 39-year-old Jennifer boasts a sweet Southern style – yet her old-fashioned flair means she is being left behind at work.

Watch How Do I Look? on Thursday 1 January from 6:00AM GMT on Style.

Oprah’s LifeClass: How to be a Conscious Parent Thursday 01 January 2015 6:55PM GMT | TLC Entertainment (172)


Oprah welcomes parenting expert Dr Shefali Tsabary to Oprah’s Lifeclass to talk about the myths of discipline and the power of connection with your child.

Watch Oprah’s LifeClass: How to be a Conscious Parent on Thursday 1 January at 6:55PM GMT CAT on TLC Entertainment.

This World – The Secret Life of Your Clothes Saturday 03 January 2015 8:10PM GMT | BBC World News (400)



Britain gives thousands of tons of unwanted clothes to charity shops every year. But where do they actually go? It turns out most don’t ever reach the rail of the local charity shop, they are exported to Africa. And even though they have been given way for free, British castoffs have created a multimillion-pound industry and some of the world’s poorest people pay good money to buy them.

In a revealing film for This World, Ade Adepitan tells the fascinating story of the afterlife of unwanted clothes.

Incredible Crew Saturday 03 January 2015 2:15PM GMT | Cartoon Network (301)

The kids who make up Incredible Crew are high-octane bunches who have all the attitude, swag and internet sensibility.


Click on cartoon Network to watch the crazy camera tricks of Incredible Crew on Saturday 3 January at 2:15PM GMT.

Available on Box Office This Week

Mom’s Night Out

The Giver

The Rover

October 1

Into The Storm

Deliver Us From Evil


Planes: Fire & Rescue


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Jersey Boys

Think Like A Man Too

A Merry Christmas Miracle

Wish I Was Here

Guardians Of The Galaxy


Black Nativity

Did you miss one of your favorite shows or movies last week?  No sweat, we have a great selection of series, movies, sporting shows and actuality programming that is available for you to Catch Up when it suits you.


Remember you can access DStv Catch Up via your PVR, Explora and online here.  There’s a huge selection of content available online that you can stream, and you can also download the DStv Player to download shows and movies to watch later, at your convenience.Dstv Xmas

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