10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Creō Concepts

It’s been two years now since we were blessed to have creō (considered as Gods of Creativity) live amongst us mortals.

In today’s Ghana, to own a smartphone and to say you have not heard of creō or seen their work is to say you live in Accra and have never experienced Dumsor.

Yup! It is that ridiculous and unbelievable. We have lost count of the number of times creō has made us laugh or smile uncontrollably with their Hogan Toons, Animated Skits and Ghanaba. Creō’s work goes viral every time and even months after it’s shared, you can still see it serving the duty of a profile picture on social media. Think we are exaggerating? Spend 20 minutes on facebook going through your friend list.

So how much do we really know about creō concepts? Well, here are 10 weird and crazy facts you never would have guessed about this iconic company.

1. The Okomfo Anokye Prank was never meant to be a prank.


Remember the Okomfo Anokye Prank? Guess what? It didn’t start out as a prank at all. The dream was much bigger, shoot a live action movie and animate the flashback or dream sequences about the legend to create a hybrid live action/animated film. Get real life actors, build production sets etc. They even spoke to the talented actress, Yvonne Okoro who happens to be a co-founder’s sister to play a pivotal role. But being just a start up with lofty dreams, they couldn’t raise the needed funds to do it so to show their fans and followers what was achievable the team decided to make it a prank instead of discarding the concept which has been the foundation of our love/hate relationship with creō. This teaches us to be innovative eeh. You don’t have the money? Think? What else can I do with this for close to nothing? Ha!

2. The voices for the first Hogan Toons episodes were recorded with a phone.

Since they didn’t have a recording studio when they started and also to avoid the perils of Dumsor, the audio for the first episodes of the Hogan Toons TV show were recorded on a phone whilst a team member held an old foam mattress around the person voice acting in an attempt to block out the sound. Annnnnnd it worked!! Would you have guessed? I bet you are going back to check the first Hogan Toons lol.

3. The creative director and general manager spent a night at a client’s house just to hit a deadline.


If you are creō’s favorite client, you are pampered with too much love and attention. A couple of times, the creō team have slept overnight in clients’ houses in order to complete a job, meet a deadline and make a client super happy. Yup.

4. Everyone at creō is below the age of 28.


You read it here first. Creō is full of Lactogen Babies. Traditionally, for the team at creō to be able to do what they do, they must have gone through years and years of school, been through life’s changing scenes, tried and failed, tried and failed again which should peg their age for over 35. Right? Ha! We have news for you. Everyone at creō is below the age of 28. 80% are around the 22 -26 year gap. Is that not awesome? That people this young can be the brains behind a brand that’s going places? Goes to cement the fact that creativity and youthfulness are synonymous to each other. Because they are all youth, they have a lot of dynamism, optimism, energy and passion for what they do.

5. There are no official opening or closing times at creō.


Creō appreciates how creativity works and understands that getting inspired for a creative job is not always on demand and so in its policy, it has a flexible work schedule for the creō team where there is no formal opening time or closing time but discipline and love for their job always makes the team come to work at a considerable time and leave when the job is done. Also creō is true to their artistic side so there is no code for formal dressing to work. Own a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt? You will fit right in.

6. Gaming Fridays.


There is a special room at creō called the Game Room where there is a giant screen and tons of video games at the disposal of the team. A typical Friday evening at creō has the team members playing fifa, mortal kombat or uncharted 4 against each other. Playing games as a team has a way of affecting the psychology of the team members and does wonders for their team working together and improves the quality of their brainstorming sessions.

7. They are self confessed Pizza Addicts.


To eat or not to eat pizza is not a question at creō. It is which type and when? Those guys are such pizza addicts its not funny. Like seriously. You want to do something nice for the guys at creō, buy them a box of Pizza. They have different preferences but so far as it comes in a box, has sauce, and all assortments of meat and vegies sitting on dough and looks like pizza … YOU ARE BAE! They have even included it in their interview process!!! They show you a picture of pizza and if you smile they tick off the pizza friendly box. Well this one leads to no good except obesity and higher cholesterol levels. Hehe you know how people are either dog people or cat people? At creō, you are either a Pizza person or super sane for not being and they don’t hire super sane people. (Trust me …. And thank me later)

8. Pizza is the reward for hitting targets.


Yes another one with pizza… At creō, the team member with the highest hit targets gets to choose which type of Pizza they buy and what movie they should watch at their monthly movie nights at the cinema. Yup! creō has monthly movie nights. #AbrofosemGalore now, the person with the lowest hit targets pays for it all. Hehehe

9. They painted their office themselves.


If you walk into the Creō Concepts Office now, take a minute and appreciate the walls, whisper “I’m happy you survived” and hope the walls hear you because those walls have been through some tough times eeh. Team creō painted their office themselves from scratch. They say it was for teamwork because teamwork breeds success. Well … we have our own theories. Hehehee. But then again, we know that if animation fails, they can live off a career in painting.

10. Each new team member has to go through a initiation ritual before officially joining creō.


We already mentioned that these people are Lactogen Babies but this one is taking it a bit far or? A well so at creō, every new team member has to sing a lullaby to the rest of the team on their first day of work. They call it breaking the ice but we know what this is really about. And at lunch the new team member gets food for the entire team. Smh. So this person sings, feeds the team and is made to balance a pc on their head for 10 minutes whilst naming Creo’s various campaigns. Homos Night the creō way.

To wrap it up, creō is definitely big on the unorthodox approach of business development and its been working for them. Well … this is just a tiny insight into our favorite Ghanaian company. Follow them on social media to find out some more juicy information about creō.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creoconcepts/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/creoconceptsgh

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creoconcepts1/

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